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$10 sweatpants DIY

Sharing a little quarantine DIY with you guys! I meant to do a post about this a little while ago but I am finally getting to it!

These sweat-shorts were originally men's sweatpants! For just $10 I turned baggy sweats into the perfect pair of shorts. And the best part is you can choose your length. For me, shorts are normally a little too short because of my hips/butt, so I was able to cut these at the perfect length. I also prefer this type of short to be a little longer.

Here are the sweats before I chopped half of them off! I have another pair of the same ones that I did not cut because they are so soft inside and perfect for lounging around. For $10, it's so worth it!

Make sure you use fabric scissors opposed to regular scissors, they will give a cleaner cut.

Honestly, they just look like I bought them this way, you would never know they were originally men's sweatpants. Plus- if you roll them once it helps the bagginess up top.

I will link my exact pair and a few other options under $20 below, just click the image to shop!

The pair I got: (now about $12)

Other color options available for these ones, just click the photo to shop:

(the camo would be so cute!)

Other colors available as well:

These ones have pockets! :

XO, Kendra

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