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Achieving #skingoals with Nuovaluce

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this product on my story! I wanted to use it for a little while before posting and giving my feedback.

I have been using the Nuovaluce beauty microcurrent and light therapy device for a month and a half and I can already tell the difference!!

⇢ The microcurrent stimulates the muscles in your face to lift and firm, and even increase ATP and collagen.

⇢ The red LED penetrates the epidermis, decreasing hyperpigmentation and promotes healing (great for acne scars!!)

**The device is clinically tested, and FDA approved

Currently 35% off no code needed!! From $450 to $291! A microcurrent or red light therepy session or two at a med spa would cost just as much as owning the device yourself!

DM or email me with any questions! Click on the link to check it out:

XO, Kendra

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