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Updated: May 1, 2020

A pair of jeans and a T-shirt can still be trendy! Honestly, I think my go-to favorite outfit is a pair of denim and a good T-shirt. I added a light sherpa/teddy coat and loafers to elevate the look. Both my coat and loafers (Gucci princetown dupes) are under $30 from Shein and some of my favorite items in my closet! This T-shirt is also about to be one of my favorites. My sister actually screen printed this one for me but they are also available on Etsy- I found a few different vendors. Everything is shoppable below, just click on the image!

YSL T-shirt





Gucci Princetown dupes from Shein


I also HAVE to highlight one of my favorite purchases-ever. I got this organizer for my LV speedy bag on Amazon for $15 and it has changed my life. Everything used to get thrown into my bag and it became a bottomless pit I had to dig through every time I needed something. Not only does this organizer keep it organized, but it also helps retain the shape. My bag is a vintage so this organizer works wonders for keeping its shape. Its on both Etsy and Amazon and it comes in other styles too (another popular one is for the LV Neverfull) I am telling you- you need this in your life! (Especially for only $15) !!

LV Speedy organizer https://rstyle.me/+u7A7CVauje3Xj_DBuJSHbw

LV Neverfull organizer https://rstyle.me/+vLsp_SxuDaJJ2RFll-4CKw

Found some vintage LV Speedy bags on ReBag and Fashionphile ranging from $450-$800 linked below!!





XO, Kendra

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