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Neutral home decor

Put together this round-up of amazing home decor finds! I am loving the neutral//natural look lately with wood tones, neutral color palettes, and gold accents. Alongside fashion, I have a love for interior design! These are so fun for me to do and each time I feel like I could be designing a space with the things I'm picking out. Anyway! Click the image to head to LiketoKnow.IT or click below for each individual item. (Most everything is from Target and fairly affordable)

Wood knot figurine https://rstyle.me/+nJSbonIzMY35g2WPxlNXtg

Architectural framed wall art https://rstyle.me/+wbXkHUZk4MsBzpR3iMrwhw

Natural wood drum coffee table https://rstyle.me/+ITi1TYEOUnAUvyzxKDMsXA

Cylinder drum accent table in gold https://rstyle.me/+5zx1f2YBv64fvUNAvQpdLQ

Curved foot console table https://rstyle.me/+B1l06NacZXj3WgKn_CJjYg

Cream woven throw pillow https://rstyle.me/+rd2B3JPBP8WCOiRNOHBlJA

Faux leather long pillow https://rstyle.me/+MGTN6sWZiQZ7XKamYwrFPg

Wood and brass tripod floor lamp https://rstyle.me/+E5aWPW1-M_gotp6ZrReClg

Wooden bead garland https://rstyle.me/+dtEU6n0IG_G752IKGQ3YLw

Bottom egg chair https://rstyle.me/+0Q1Fhf4JSgE6Hp3_ukdRig

Top egg chair https://rstyle.me/+vx3WniTAjQFrS-4vUu-aAQ

Tom Ford coffee table book https://rstyle.me/+CzGNTMBS7bhpkynpGtS4vw

Buddha head figurine https://rstyle.me/+30kdz_f74HFJIwqt-FZfvA

Additional items not pictured (couldn't fit them on!) :

Gold hurricane vase https://rstyle.me/+Qqw4XH4hf4CZ_EvZhR9ocQ

Brass round table tray https://rstyle.me/+4qaiEBcwEi93CBetSryASA

Taupe ceramic vase https://rstyle.me/+eHTQ19se2lM2PQ6KQdeeKw

Natural wooden vase https://rstyle.me/+uNGPYyzVFZUkd_vNBl2IPg

Antique brass and white desk lamp https://rstyle.me/+gWjLkaYMrA8qLvd3_OBR9A

Glass and brass floor lamp https://rstyle.me/+HWYiZkoWAwY_wUaICh0lRA

Happy Shopping!!

XO, Kendra

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